Since 2006 VFX has been providing the industry-leading online FX platform. Available 24/7, we offer streamed pricing in over 50 currencies and access to the Interbank market means we can deliver superior rates.


Features include Spot, Forward, Swaps and Limit Orders, enabling our clients to always be ‘in the market’. Access is easy and convenient, either online or by using Apps, with the ability to deal and/or review trade status, as well as being able to monitor payments and receipts.


Full Corporate Governance controls can be tailored to suit individual operational and compliance requirements.




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Our FX market and currency strategists possess an average of over 20 years' proven experience. Together they form a highly knowledgeable and expert team.


Managing accounts with FX exposures ranging from smaller amounts to the equivalent of several hundred million GBP, our dedicated dealers are available to provide currency strategies to help you achieve your specific objectives.










MoBe HUB is the digital enterprise service technology back bone of VFX PLC.


We have built intelligent Payment Gateways (acessing mainstream banking and mobile money schemes) leveraging in-country relationships and a deep knowledge and expertize of FX and the payment landscape. MoBe HUB has a developed proprietary payments ecosystem that itelligently routes global payments.









Our own proprietary payment gateways provide access to local high-value and low-value clearing in over 200 countries.


This enables us to offer improved cut-off times, faster reporting and application of client funds. All funds are maintained under the client money rules, and the services we receive from our partners’ banks are formally managed under Service Level Agreements that ensure consistently high quality service delivery to our clients.


VFX aims to provide excellent customer service; we review clients’ requirements and make recommendations that will achieve specific payment objectives and reduce costs.


VFX is a member of SWIFT BIC Code VFXXGB2L.



VFX has brought the same convenience and superior value it provides to its Corporate and Institutional client to the retail remittance sector. We are able to access deep pools of local liquidity in countries where we have established strategic relationships to provide FX, Payment and Remittances services; Africa has become one of our core corridors and mobile wallets have proved to be particularly popular in countries such as Kenya.


Once ‘Know Your Customer’ checks have been completed remittances can be initiated online or via smart phone or other internet enabled device. Transactions can be made at very low cost and with great rates, even when the smallest amount is involved. Our fees start at just £1, so why not try sending £10?



MoBe is our own suite of proprietary Mobile Wallet technology. Encompassing Multi Currency Closed Loop and Open Loop capabilities, monies can be loaded directly from a debit card or from a VFX account.


VFX also provides convenient 24/7 access and comprehensive functionality through our mobile Apps.













Established in 2004, VFX Financial PLC is one of largest non-banking providers of global currency and payment solutions. In 2006 we launched our browser-based online currency platform, the very first FX company to do so.


With a global reach and local knowledge, we are committed to continuously improving our services to ensure that both our business and private clients can enjoy convenience, mobility and preferential rates of exchange – whenever they need us, wherever in the world they are.


And whilst we pride ourselves on our online accessibility, we continue to firmly believe in the importance of good customer service and our highly experienced and knowledgeable brokers are always available to offer help and advice over the phone.



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